Chapman Brothers & Being Nosy

October 12, 2008

Friday 26th September 2008

The other day I paid a visit to Pontardawe Arts Centre to see the Chapman Brothers touring exhibition of ‘My Giant Colouring Book’ which consists of pages of real colouring books which have been manipulated through the brothers’ etchings. It results in a series of grotesque and macabre pieces of art which seem out of a place on an extremely sunny September afternoon. My favourite piece was this cut up, decapitated teddy bear.

Today I got to have a nosy at other peoples’ work on my course (that they had produced in the last year) which was nice. It was interesting to see that everyone’s had different experiences of design up to this point. I noticed that a lot of students had quite a bit of computer-based/type work, while on my foundation course last year we barely touched on typography, and I chose not to do too much on computers. I just hope that I won’t be too far behind other people in terms of technological know-how..


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