London & Dead Squirrels

October 12, 2008

Monday 29th September 2008

On Friday Mr. Workman & I shot off to suburban Surrey to look after my sister’s house while she went on holiday. London’s only forty minutes away on the train so I wanted to make the most of it and check out the V&A which I hadn’t been to before. Also wanted to see their ‘Cold War Design’ exhibition which had just opened. Lots of odd and visually interesting furniture, clothes and technology was displayed such as this chair, which I wish I owned. The whole exhibition felt like it was someone’s vision of what the future would be like in a hundred years.

I planned to take more photos in LDN but as I was getting promptly told off whenever I took my camera out in museums, one of the only photos I got was a bit of a morbid, voyeuristic shot of a squirrel who had got run over in the village where we were staying. Poor Squirrel.

Think I probably have a bit of a weird curiosity about dead animals, especially when they’re roadkill. If I see a dead animal on the road while being driven somewhere I always want to have a good look. I just looked up ‘road kill’ on flickr, and found someone who made road kill cookies, so maybe I’m not alone.


2 Responses to “London & Dead Squirrels”

  1. ‘Think I probably have a bit of a weird curiosity about dead animals,’
    You are not alone!
    Skin and Bones, mole

  2. lauren Says:

    people should be very carefull when they are driving squirrels are butiful loving creatures and they should be cared for

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