Noma Bar

October 13, 2008

Tuesday 30th September 2008

So I was given my first proper project brief yesterday. I had to pick a random object (which turned out to be a pair of spectacles) and describe it’s form and material through a design. My first impression of this project didn’t stimulate or excite me at all, and I’m pretty sure everyone else in my group feels the same. But maybe boredom will encourage us to stretch our imagination a bit more? Maybe? Or perhaps it’s to make the ‘type’ module seem that much more thrilling. I can see that They’re trying to make us think differently with this project but it doesn’t seem to be working on me, yet.

A good thing that came out of the day was that I discovered an illustrator called Noma Bar (through a slideshow given about the brief) who hadn’t heard of before. Bar creates digital illustrations of people by using objects associated with that person to describe their features. The result surprisingly looks uncanningly like the actual person. My favourite is this one of John Cleese.

Another first happened today with my first lecture, only it wasn’t, as it was almost exactly the same lecture which I had been given in Foundation by the same lecturer! Still, it was good to test myself to see how much I remembered from last year. I give myself 8/10.


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