October 15, 2008

Actually had a good screening of a film about the Coca-Cola brand throughout history in a lecture yesterday. It did make you think about how powerful a brand can be, I know everyone knows that Coca Cola practically invented Father Christmas as he’s known today, but I still find that pretty weird.

Anyway (despite my initial ‘I-must-stop-drinking-Coca-Cola-as-they’re-taking-over-the-world’ thinking) I remembered that I like the taste, so nevermind about globalisation and all that. I also wish they still made Coke in glass bottles. I’m sure they have enough money to. It also got me thinking about other glass bottles I like, such as the one for the Estonian beer, Viru. The type of bottle is apparently called ‘octahedral’ and the unusual shape is based on old medieval /russian turrets. They definitely beat the coke ‘contour’ bottle by miles.


2 Responses to “Bottles”

  1. UltraVivid Says:

    If you found the Santa restyling already weird, you should read this story ;) about Coke in space ;)

  2. Declan Says:

    As a kid I always used to drink a lot of coke. To me it was always the best cola and I would swear that it tastes the best out of all of them – drinking other colas just didn’t live up to the experience. I was completely taken-in by the extremely strong branding.

    I was reading a light-hearted book about strange experiments recently including things like the psychology of brands and the subtle social-engineering that goes along with it and what struck me was that it’s been shown that brand can improve the perceived taste of a product with coke being the example. I then decided that maybe coke wasn’t evil they were just making their product *actually taste better* using the brand and marketing to augment it rather than the traditional method of changing the recipe – seeing it this way I have less of a problem and get better cola because of it.

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