January 27, 2009

dirtykneecaps has been in hibernation in the depths of winter. She’s just waking up now. Here are some things she has been getting up to.

1. Doing Christmas. After eating a mountain of chocolate, I noticed I was given two rather good books. One is the fattest book I think I have ever owned:  Graphic Design Since 1950 by AGI, listing all their members and their work, I still haven’t got through it all.

The second is a more immature (and skinnier) book called Shelf Life by Rosie Walford which is dedicated to packaging found all over the world which has been a bit lost in translation. Featuring classics such as Colon detergent and Bra milk.shelflifeexample

Cream Fantasy snack bar and Golden Stream bottled water

2. Estonia. I spent the beginning of January wandering the remarkably deserted cobbled streets of Tallinn and pretending it was still Christmas. I was surprised to find that almost every other shop in Tallinn is dedicated to knitwear and/or felt goods. They are a crafty lot. I even noticed lampshades made of barbed wire, a bit useless but they looked nice.woolcakebarbedshadetallinn townscape

3. The return to University and reality wasn’t half as bad as I expected. Was lucky to catch the touring Abram Games exhibition last week and was even luckier to have visited whilst his daughter was there so could listen to her guided talk. I wish there was a relative at every exhibition I go to, would make things at least ten times more interesting!


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