Twin Atlantic

October 12, 2009

front'this card is embedded with wildflower seeds. plant it under a thin layer of soil, water regularly and start your own vivarium!'

I picked up this business card-sized bit of promotion for a band’s new album at a gig recently. It was to promote the band’s new album called ‘Vivarium’ (meaning: “an enclosed environment, as a glass container, in which plants or animals are raised under conditions that approximate their natural habitat” – thanks The card tells you a code to download a free song off of the album, and lets you know the paper has seeds in, so you can grow your own ‘vivarium’ when you’re done with it. Thought it was a nice and clever idea, and not something you expect to see when you go and see a band. I can’t find who designed it though, sorry! If you do know, leave me a comment.


6 Responses to “Twin Atlantic”

  1. Mark Hitchcock Says:

    I got one of those with a Cloud Cult DVD. Nice idea but I wonder how many people actually plant them. Personally I don’t wanna plant mine because the flowers would probably die and I’d rather keep the card :p

    You gonna plant yours?

    • dirtykneecaps Says:

      Yeah, I probably won’t plant mine only because I’ve got a module on sustainable design & want to keep it for my notes. I don’t have any soil either!
      But yep a nice idea all the same, would be interesting to know if anyone actually does plant them or realizes you can plant them.

      • Mark Hitchcock Says:

        You could plant it as a celebration when you pass the module. If you even pass modules…I’m not too sharp on the uni lingo.
        How’s uni going now?

      • dirtykneecaps Says:

        Haha, yeah you do pass modules (that’s the hope, anyway)
        Uni is a bit hectic, have a few projects on the go at once which is a bit stressful but I’ll survive hopefully! What are you up to these days?

  2. Mark Hitchcock Says:

    ah yeah, not surprised that’s stressful, hope they go well.

    uh, I’m not up to much. Just looking for work and sitting around wasting time. Pretty boring.

  3. Mark Hitchcock Says:

    ah, what happened there? Pretty sure that should have come below your reply.

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