October 29, 2010

This is Quite Interesting.

Freelensing means you take photos with the lens detached from the camera but held in place and moved around to focus. This also lets extra light in sometimes causing light leaks and giving a vintage look and feel. You only need to move the lens a few millimetres (fractions of an inch), and doing it this way, there’s not much risk of dust getting in to the sensor. If you want lightleaks or the super-macro kind of effect, you will need to hold the lens a little bit further away (probably no more than a finger width, though). This is a bit more risky if you’re worried about dust, so try not to hold the lens away from the camera for too long and only do it in a dust-free environment.”

– via SwissMiss

an example of the freelensing technique by PIERREPOX


CSAD Summer Show

June 11, 2010

Have been looking around the Cardiff School of Art & Design Summer Show this week, which features work from final year students across the CSAD courses. Lots of lovely things to look at! Couldn’t help feeling a bit daunted looking at the third years’ Graphic Communication work, let’s hope we can match up to it next year. I don’t think I will ever get used to looking at graphic design in a gallery setting, but these pieces caught my eye.

Clever mini posters dealing with the issue of consumerism by Andy Penny. I especially liked the small wooden stands and want some of my own.

Lovely illustration by Hannah Smith for the Puffin Book Design competition. I love the handwritten title and the traditional style of the design

A series of posters by Jack Butcher, that deal with the issue of religion and promote the website,, a public forum for religious debate. I like a good debate and thought it was a very witty and effective print campaign. I must have been very susceptible to bright colours the day I visited the exhibition.

The contemporary textiles exhibition was very pretty and feminine. So much nice work but my favourite things had to be these bears handmade by Alice Rose Lewis. I want one!

The Illustration exhibition was held at an empty shop in a shopping arcade in the centre of Cardiff. It was a nice space and thought it was a shame that the other courses couldn’t have been held somewhere outside of the college environment too. Really liked the two pieces above by Adam Travers that are reactions to our chaotic world.

There was a good yet creepy and disturbing animation shown in the basement, I watched a bit of it, but as I was alone and in a small dark room, I had to stop incase something frightening happened. Still from the animation made by Jake Eldridge.

I have no idea if this bike which was leaning against the wall was part of the exhibition, but I was very taken by it. On the back wheel is drawings of famous moustaches, and on the front, famous glasses.


January 27, 2009

dirtykneecaps has been in hibernation in the depths of winter. She’s just waking up now. Here are some things she has been getting up to.

1. Doing Christmas. After eating a mountain of chocolate, I noticed I was given two rather good books. One is the fattest book I think I have ever owned:  Graphic Design Since 1950 by AGI, listing all their members and their work, I still haven’t got through it all.

The second is a more immature (and skinnier) book called Shelf Life by Rosie Walford which is dedicated to packaging found all over the world which has been a bit lost in translation. Featuring classics such as Colon detergent and Bra milk.shelflifeexample

Cream Fantasy snack bar and Golden Stream bottled water

2. Estonia. I spent the beginning of January wandering the remarkably deserted cobbled streets of Tallinn and pretending it was still Christmas. I was surprised to find that almost every other shop in Tallinn is dedicated to knitwear and/or felt goods. They are a crafty lot. I even noticed lampshades made of barbed wire, a bit useless but they looked nice.woolcakebarbedshadetallinn townscape

3. The return to University and reality wasn’t half as bad as I expected. Was lucky to catch the touring Abram Games exhibition last week and was even luckier to have visited whilst his daughter was there so could listen to her guided talk. I wish there was a relative at every exhibition I go to, would make things at least ten times more interesting!

Creative Complaining

December 21, 2008

complainis the way forward.

London & Dead Squirrels

October 12, 2008

Monday 29th September 2008

On Friday Mr. Workman & I shot off to suburban Surrey to look after my sister’s house while she went on holiday. London’s only forty minutes away on the train so I wanted to make the most of it and check out the V&A which I hadn’t been to before. Also wanted to see their ‘Cold War Design’ exhibition which had just opened. Lots of odd and visually interesting furniture, clothes and technology was displayed such as this chair, which I wish I owned. The whole exhibition felt like it was someone’s vision of what the future would be like in a hundred years.

I planned to take more photos in LDN but as I was getting promptly told off whenever I took my camera out in museums, one of the only photos I got was a bit of a morbid, voyeuristic shot of a squirrel who had got run over in the village where we were staying. Poor Squirrel.

Think I probably have a bit of a weird curiosity about dead animals, especially when they’re roadkill. If I see a dead animal on the road while being driven somewhere I always want to have a good look. I just looked up ‘road kill’ on flickr, and found someone who made road kill cookies, so maybe I’m not alone.