Pecha Kucha

October 14, 2010

This time last week I was at Pecha Kucha as part of the Cardiff Design Festival. Highlights were Richard Weston, who scans rocks and then makes nice fabrics out of them (his talk was much better than I’ve made it sound..)

You can see more examples here.

2nd highlight was Theo Humphries talking about Crapestry. He modifies existing cross stitch patterns to create something that is childish and brilliant.



September 8, 2010

There are some nice wallpapers at the Urban Outfitters website by illustrators like Jez Burrows and Owen Gately and more. This is now mine, by Joe McLaren.


August 23, 2010

A man called Andre Michelle has created ToneMatrix, a piece of Flash that allows you to create cool little tunes really easily. Give it a go! (Warning: can be a bit addictive).

ToneMatrix by Andre Michelle

Nice photographs on the documentary Confessions of a Superhero which I watched t’other day. It documents the lives of four people who make their living dressed as superheroes on Hollywood Boulevard, receiving tips from tourists who want to pose with them.

Twin Atlantic

October 12, 2009

front'this card is embedded with wildflower seeds. plant it under a thin layer of soil, water regularly and start your own vivarium!'

I picked up this business card-sized bit of promotion for a band’s new album at a gig recently. It was to promote the band’s new album called ‘Vivarium’ (meaning: “an enclosed environment, as a glass container, in which plants or animals are raised under conditions that approximate their natural habitat” – thanks The card tells you a code to download a free song off of the album, and lets you know the paper has seeds in, so you can grow your own ‘vivarium’ when you’re done with it. Thought it was a nice and clever idea, and not something you expect to see when you go and see a band. I can’t find who designed it though, sorry! If you do know, leave me a comment.


September 4, 2009

New eye-hurting poster by dirtykneecaps:

I don’t really like posters that have just text on them so the posters I do for Lesson N0.1 are always a bit of a challenge (they tend to include blurbs about the bands) as I try to make it quite illustrative too. The text is a bit chaotic and squashed in, but I guess it all fits into the overall style. First poster that I’ve actually hand-painted too, so I am fairly pleased with the way it’s turned out. What do you think?

sausages with moustaches

July 15, 2009

porkinson packaging

I mainly bought these sausages for the nice packaging but they were lovely to eat too. It was designed by Springetts Brand Design Consultancy apparently. Oh, and when I was on the Porkinson website trying to find out who designed it, they have a very good question in their FAQ section:


“Why are sausages called “bangers”?

During the Second World War, sausages contained so much water they exploded, when fried, with a bang.”

Never knew this!