Mariko Jesse

February 26, 2011

Spotted some lovely illustrations on Channel 4’s River Cottage Everyday just now. The show’s title illustrator is Mariko Jesse, who also provided the illustrations for the book accompanying the series, and also has a lot of other nice work on her portfolio site.



June 3, 2010

The bulk of my 2nd year is over, and summer has begun!

Though there haven’t been many updates recently, but I’m off to London very soon to do a work placement here, for a couple of weeks. So expect more to come! In the meantime, look at Kate Bingaman-Burt‘s new book, documenting everything she has bought in a year.

(found via Grain Edit)


September 4, 2009

New eye-hurting poster by dirtykneecaps:

I don’t really like posters that have just text on them so the posters I do for Lesson N0.1 are always a bit of a challenge (they tend to include blurbs about the bands) as I try to make it quite illustrative too. The text is a bit chaotic and squashed in, but I guess it all fits into the overall style. First poster that I’ve actually hand-painted too, so I am fairly pleased with the way it’s turned out. What do you think?

Wind Turbines

July 6, 2009

wind turbine illustrationA few weeks ago, I was e-mailed by the people who run to ask if they could use one of my drawings for a banner. I said they could, but then forgot about it. It’s now mysteriously on their test website but not on their live one. I don’t know what that means, but here it is: .

EDIT: It is now on their actual website. Bit annoyed there’s no credit though.